Annual Report

Session : 2020-2021

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In this session we conveyed the message to society to maintain love and affection with each other because nothing is certain in this mundane world.
Gyan Jyoti Awasiya Vidyalaya has treated this complete session 2020-2021 as  “RESCUE YEAR”

i.e., rescue of all the ingredients ,assets as well as affectionate relationship with all in all spheres which could be in the arena of healthy educational system of GJAV.

This is a special report of special session when GYAN JYOTI AWASIYA VIDYALAYA achieved great success in saving and preserving as well as consolidating almost 99.9% of its assets.

GYAN JYOTI AWSIYA VIDYALAYA has registered its historical success in maintaining its relationship, intact, with almost all the parents and maintained its earlier healthy strength of students during this session also, which, at one time, in the beginning of this session seemed difficult to maintain. 

The far sightedness of our school management and hard work of all the team members of GJAV  have made this impossible work, possible, in this pandemic year.

Our Work Performance During 2020-2021

• Distributed Mark sheets to class Xth passed out students safely, by following Covid 19 guidelines.

• No. of students admitted (New Admission)-More than 400 

• No. of students retained (Old Students Till March 2020)-More than 1200

Academic Procedurals 

Beyond Imagination

Apprciated From All Sides

• Online classes on NLP till 14th June 2020.

• On Extramarks from  15th June 2020 to 14th March 2021.

• For Online classes and Activities GJAV Management founded A Big Internet Tower inside the school premises of GJAV Campus at Bampali. 

• Virtual groups had been created for Management, Teaching and Non-Teaching members of GJAV.

•  Various groups of students formed from Nursery to Class Xll  comfortable Online education journey.

• For administrative and Student’s convenience, Virtual Roll. Nos. were created for all the students.

• Play group started on 30th November 2020 very successfully & Online classes of Play group students were conducted by following play way method.

• Home works were given properly every day by subject teachers according to routine, which was collected by group leaders and posted in various groups. A channel under unity of command was followed to run the system smoothly. 

• On all working days, all the virtual groups were active between 8 PM to 10 PM to collect the ‘Done HWs’ from students. (Time of opening and closing of the groups has been strictly followed).

• Subject-wise weekly tests were conducted and marks were posted in respective virtual groups of every class.

• Syllabus of all classes were properly prepared in time & posted to students.

• Projects mentioned in syllabus were posted also and prepared by students properly and collected back in groups in time and checked properly.

•  Labs were done online , including Maths Lab, Science Lab, HOA etc. 

•  Yoga and Dance classes were conducted in full swing.

Examination Updates

•  Weekly tests were conducted time to time from last week of April 2020 to till time.

•  More than 70% of students appeared in various online periodical tests in which some of them appeared from far off distance, even from outside state also.

• Half Yearly and Mid Terms as well as Pre Board Examinations of respective Clalles were conducted properly and shown to Parents by organising PTMs.

Parents Teachers Meet

This was a unique and a very successful event when we organised online PTM several times, in which every time more than 500 parents interacted with the teachers regarding their wards and became very happy. The appreciation by the parents may be seen on GJAV websites, as well as GJAV facebook  page.

Online Evaluation System Developed

• We have developed a sound technological system in which all the school members were trained to evaluate all the examination answer books online and to return those back to the students/parents to go through it and to see the progress of their wards.

• All these academics, examinations and evaluations were kept transparent, like other online activities of GJAV.

Mental Growth Activity & Activities To Become Good Citizen

All the important days of national importance, Dates of political ethical ,social and cultural importance and birth days of great personalities have been celebrated by the students with great enthusiasm time to time.

National and International Webinars Organised

• We celebrated DEEPAWALI on International Platform organised by Sri Krishna Bhatta.

• Magical Power of Subcocious mind by Mr. Anand.

• Symptom and precautions – Covid - 19 Detail information by Dr. A. Vaishampayan.

• Yoga by Pankhuri Srivastava.

• E- Dac Webinar by Kirti Khurana.

• Removal of stress during Exam by Mrs. Prakriti Prasad.

GJAV’s care for Health & Hygiene for everyone

• During this COVID session, GJAV felt to rescue the health and mental balance of its students very much. That’s why it focused mostly to keep everyone fit from all sides.

• Important webinars were organised in which scholars of national and international fame were invited to deliver speech to rescue from fear of dangerous COVID virus.

• To maintain mental balance and to rescue the students as well as parents from going into depression we invited some corona warriors’ administrators also on GJAV digital platform of webinars.

• To keep bodies fit and eyes healthy in which YOGA WEBINAR was also organised in which national level yoga mentor was invited to demonstrate and teach exercises to keep oneself fit during online studies.

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