Games Sports

Sports are the best medium of building physical and mental health of individuals. It helps in shaping body as well as mind & inculcating values of discipline in one’s life. It helps students to be ready to face both success and failure in life with grace. Gyan Jyoti Awasiya Vidyalaya is committed to provide the best possible sports facilities to its students.  List of sports facilities at our campus is mentioned herein below.

Outdoor Facilities

01. Swimming

02. Yoga

03. Basketball

04. Volleyball

05. Kabaddi

06. Badminton

07. Rifle Shooting

08. Athletics

09. Short put 

10. Discuss Throw

11. Long Jump & High Jump Arena

12. Running Events

13. Skipping

14. Archery (Upcoming)

15. Skating (Upcoming)

16. Judo / Karate (Upcoming)

Indoor Facilities

01. Table Tennis

02. Carrom

03. Chess

04. Puzzle Game

05. Ludo