Directors’s Message

Directors’s MessageDear Parents,

God blessed You with Nature’s bounty in from of your precious progeny (son/daughter).

The experience of parenthood is the most wonderful gift of all. However, to decide in whose (which school) care your ward can be Placed for their Upbringing and education is the most difficult decision of all. Our team is sure that Gyan Jyoti Awasiya Vidyalaya (GJAV) would be able to address your concerns. GJAV is aware of it’s responsibilities to equip your ward with scholastic abilities and life skills essential for success.

Modern infrastructure, CBSE curriculum, high caliber Professionals and motivated faculties, pastoral care are some of our strengths. While studying at GJAV, your ward will be groomed to become a confident and enlightened person; ready to step into global society with honour, dignity and integrity. We believe that Our students will aquire skills which will ensure that, in any situation in today’s competitive world they will always be ahead of the competition.

Wish you all Happiness and Prosperity!